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We acquired some very nice TV power amplifiers, to be modified for 23 cm. The cavities work on 1/4 lambda on UHF, using them at 3/4 lambda, with some modifications, these are excellent power horses on 23 cm. Look to the "23cm Amplifiers" section for modifications. Feed free to enter the " 23cm Amplifier" page to see how we want to overcome the very large pat loss.

These days surplus amplifiers used for commercial voice and data communications start to appear. I acquired  four Spectrian amplifiers designed for 2,3 GHz. These amplifiers have been used for cellular and PCS base stations. These amplifiers deliver 200 - 250 W of RF power on 13 cm. I found 4 units i will combine together, to have around 800 W of RF power on 13.

Click here to listen and see the echo's on 23 cm, using the TH327 amp. ( 2 MB )

These are some pictures of the 23cm high power amplifier:



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