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On January 31's we made another trip to HB9. to pick up Walter's ( on4bcb ) pré-amplifier. Dominique took us to HB9JAW and HB9Q to visit their stations. We where 28 hours on the way, but had a wonderfull day. Below some of the impressions: (click on pictures to enlarge)



Préamp testing        Noise figure          S11 testing            Dominique with test equipment

Tube selection        Some TH327 amps  Pulling a tube       Discussing amplifiers



70 & 23 cm antenna   2m EME              amplifier's location   HB9Q by sunset


  HB9Q shack           Antenna @ sunset    HB9Q                Dan, HB9CRQ


Station Control        Dan in front           Me in front            70 cm feed in antenna

In front of feed       HB9Q dish lay out  HB9Q station lay out



HB9JAW himself             Antenna in stow position            amplifier box TH348


      Moving up        2, 70 and 23 feed          mesh                moving "up"


                            Antenna deploying 




Marc @ his antenna  Stressed dish          VE4MA Feed                  AZ/EL system


Home made PA        Inside PA               Marc in his shack       Homebrew drive amp.



Al's Feedhorns         Dish at down            Myself in front         Walter and Dominique

                                                                                        holding Al's Dish




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