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Following antennas are obsolete for me and are for sale

3.7m diameter one piece reflectors :

Brand : Zeppelin ( Germany )

Diameter: 370 cm                                                 All Sold

F/d  : ( will confirm later )


2.4m diameter reflectors with ku band feed and waveguide system (WR-75)

Brand : Precision Antennas ( UK )

Diameter : 240 cm                                        All Sold

F/d :  ( will confirm later )

Most of them have de-icing panels on the back.

Vertex 2.4 m casegrain antenna and Prodelin 2.4 m long focal ( model 1244 )

VERTEX 2,4m reflector and below the casegrain feed cage.

Below Prodelin 2,4m 4 piece reflector model 1244 with de-icing   All SOLD

Parts for Yagi antenna construction

Brand : Wipic  ( Switserland )

Various parts and clamps for antenna construction. These are VHF and UHF antennas for professional use. Most of the are brand new and never installed. They have some VERY nice boom to mast and boom to element clamps to construct your own antenna.




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