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13 hybrid coupler



I got 4 of these, estimate around 200 W each. When the 23 cm project is finished, we start building our 13 cm setup. I will combine these together !


To combine these amplifiers we need 90 hybrid couplers. Surplus couplers on the input are easy to find. The higher power output couplers are more difficult to find. For a commercial project, I needed to combine L band amplifiers up to 700 watt of power. I was using commercial hybrid's, specified up to 500 watt. After some prototyping, we found that 700 watt was no problem for this coupler. Centre frequency is 1950 MHz, with 400 MHz bandwidth. Measuring this device on 13 cm showed very good results, phase and isolation are OK, Imbalance is only 0,15 . Since this is ham radio, I want to scale the coupler to 13 cm, although it would be just minor changes.

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